ESM Tournament Sponsorship Pitch 2021

Urbanlan will organize Finnish national eSports tournament for League of Legends in December 2021. We are currently looking for a exclusive sponsor for the tournament. Here are the details for our pitch of the tournament.


About the tournament

The Finnish Esports Federation (SEUL) has granted Urbanlan the exclusive right to organize official Finnish national tournament for League of Legends in 2021.

The tournament will be completely online and take place during December. A spectator event will be organized in Kokkola, Finland, with placements of up to 50 seats. The games will also be livestreamed on on Urbanlan's channel.


What is eSports and League of Legends

Esports is a form of sports that uses video games as the competition medium. The games are played either online or offline in gaming tournaments and events. Most of the games are also livestreamed to fans using services such as Esports has a strong growing trend, with combined yearly global revenue of over 1 billion euros. More information:

League of Legends is one of the biggest video games in 2021. In LoL, two teams of 5 players battle against each other using characters known as "champions". The eSports scene in LoL is huge, with hundreds of millions of fans viewing the tournaments each year. More information:


Audience and reach

  •     Livestream on Twitch and Youtube, last year's tournament had over 1000 unique viewers, mostly based in Finland
  •     Main audience 13 - 26 yo, with over 80% being 14-19 yo
  •     Event website ( has over 4000 visitors before and during the event)
  •     Social media reach of over 4000 accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch)
  •     Offline spectator event, over 500 unique visitors are expected over several days


Being official national tournament, we are expecting this tournament to have even bigger attendance. The tournament will also have additional reach via SEUL social media accounts and marketing. More information:


Sponsorship terms

We are currently looking for 1500€ sponsorship for the full exclusive branding right for this tournament.

In exchange for sponsorship, you will receive:

  • Full exclusive branding and naming of the tournament
  • Marketing and branding in the finals event (venue advertisements using flyers, display screen ad spots, banners etc)
  • Livestream branding and advertisements during the whole tournament (ad spots during breaks, ads in game overlay etc)

Of the sponsorship amount, estimated 60% will be budgeted towards tournament prizes and 40% to tournaments organizational expenses.

Please note that portion of the sponsorship amount can be replaced with product sponsorships. Please contact us for more details on this opportunity.



If you are interested in sponsorship or have questions about the tournament, please contact:

Kristian Polso
+358 40 5656 868


About the organizers

Urbanlan has been organizing lanparties and eSports tournaments since 2009. The events are consistently sold out and the brand is well-known in the Finnish eSports scene. More information:

The Finnish Esports Federation (SEUL) works as the umbrella organization for Finnish competitive electronic gaming. Federation's mission is to improve and promote electronic sports and the activities of it's members. More information: